Enterprise Digital Transformation and Application Integration

Digital Transformation is key to the success of an organization. Enterprises are seriously looking at their digital ambition to transform, finalizing their IT roadmap

and migrating their IT assets to meet their business agility needs. Most of the organizations are continuing to evolve their digital transformation journey thru various modernization initiatives. This involves the seamless integration of applications across the enterprise with data being shared in a real-time fashion.

EPIC institutes technologies and various methodologies in support of our federal agency customers to accomplish their digital transformation objectives. Our teams create transformation strategies, build highly scalable and secure platforms, and enhance customer experience. We bring our proven expertise in systems design, development, and application integration using API Gateways. , and provide mission-critical support to federal agencies. We have in-depth expertise in migrating monolithic legacy applications into container-based flexible scalable microservice architecture and helping agencies save on licensing and maintenance costs. We employ highly skilled DevSecOps technology teams and use agile software engineering principles to develop scalable and secure platforms.

Advanced Data Analytics

Epic Systems helps federal agencies transform their disparate and large datasets into meaningful insights that unlock value from their data, improve performance,

enhance decision making and mission outcomes at speed. Our teams deliver speed at scale using Agile methodology and we have deep talent pools with data science and engineering expertise. We specialize  in full data life cycle involving data collection, integration/ingestion, transformation, data governance, data quality, big data analytics, and visualization. Our data science tools use predictive analytic algorithms and machine learning technologies that transform our customers data into actionable intelligence and data-driven decision models. 

Cloud Computing

Epic Systems (EPIC) is a trusted Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) for various public cloud providers. We provide tools and deploy architecture to customers to migrate their on-premises enterprise environment or data to any government, commercial or hybrid cloud environment.

We help our customers not only migrate to cloud-based solutions but also optimize systems to take advantage of Cloud native capabilities. Our experience includes Cloud migration services, Cloud security, optimization services, architecting and building mission critical systems in hybrid Cloud, Amazon AWS, Amazon AWS Gov. Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We have deep expertise in building private clouds using Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Virtualization for our customers.

Cybersecurity Management

Exposure of sensitive data can disrupt operations in harmful ways and lose trust in governmental agencies. Epic Systems brings tons of experience in protecting data of various agencies and providing combating tools against various cybersecurity threats that are rising.

Information Technology creates vulnerabilities as we progress through development of systems, however, we ensure to bring security as a part of our software development using our DevSecOps methodology. Cyber-attacks and security threats are evolving continuously with various innovative approaches to steal customers data and exploit vulnerabilities and disrupt the access to networks. To protect our customers data and systems, we provide an innovative approach to cybersecurity solutions.

Emerging Technologies

Epic Systems introduces new and emerging technologies and provides innovative technology solutions to our customers.w and emerging technologies and provides innovative technology solutions to our customers. These solutions bring unique customer experience and accelerate the growth and value to our customers.
Our beneficial emerging technology solutions that we offer include Automation Technologies with Intelligent Automation, Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and Edge Computing. During implementation phase we closely work and collaborate with our customers to bring suitable innovative technologies to solve their complex business problems and mission related challenges.