Advanced Data Analytics

Advanced Data Analytics

Epic Systems helps federal agencies transform their disparate and large datasets into meaningful insights that unlock value from their data, improve performance, enhance decision making and mission outcomes at speed. Our teams deliver speed at scale using Agile methodology and we have deep talent pools with data science and engineering expertise. We specialize in full data life cycle involving data collection, integration/ingestion, transformation, data governance, data quality, big data analytics, and visualization. Our data science tools use predictive analytic algorithms and machine learning technologies that transform our customers data into actionable intelligence and data-driven decision models.

Data Engineering/Extract Load and Transform (ETL)

We bring strong expertise in integrating multiple data sources and apply innovative data engineering techniques to bring the data in real-time into an enterprise. Our expertise includes data model conversions, data collection/ingestion, data streaming, data transformation using Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) involving structured and unstructured data. We also help our customers integrate their data with open-source data as well for meeting their mission critical needs.

Visualization/Business Intelligence

We have expertise in providing dashboarding capabilities with slice and dice, customized visualizations to help our customer teams make use of business intelligence systems and drive actionable insights at mission speed. We have excellent past performance in developing Key Performance Indicator (KPI) metrics for customer Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) initiatives using COTS visualization products and implementing custom data visualizations using open-source tools such as D3.js

Predictive Analytics with Machine Learning (ML)

We help our customers analyze historical data, find root causes to business problems, and use predictive analytics to find patterns in their data for timely identification of risks and opportunities. We employ predictive analytics to make predictions about future outcomes using historical data combined with statistical modeling, data mining and machine learning techniques to help our customers make data science based better informed decisions.

Data Management and Governance

We have strong past performance in data management and entire data life cycle that includes data collection, processing, cleansing, data quality management, data governance, data validation and meta data management. We have established our own frameworks around data governance for our clients and saved them millions of dollars in spending on COTS resources.