Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Epic Systems  is a trusted Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) for various public sector customers. . We provide CSP tools and deploy architecture to help customers  migrate their on-premises enterprise environment or data to any government, commercial or hybrid cloud environment. We help our customers not only migrate to cloud-based solutions but also optimize systems to take advantage of cloud native capabilities. Our experience includes cloud migration services, cloud security, optimization services, architecting and building mission critical systems in hybrid Cloud, Amazon AWS,  AWS GovCloud, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We have deep expertise in building private clouds using Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Virtualization and supported  customers including U.S. Department of State.

Cloud Transformation

Epic Systems  offers services that can  easily migrate customer workloads from on-premises to public cloud while maintaining customer SLAs with lower operational costs. Our solutions enable customer applications and data migration  to cloud seamlessly and securely. Our services include cloud Strategy, customer I assessment, Out-of-Box (Cloud Native) Service Architecture, Cloud Migration, Backup and Disaster Recovery.

Cloud Engineering

Our Cloud engineering services provide cloud infrastructure to customers on our Cloud Managed Service  Providers (MSP) such as AWS and Azure. We provide an end-to-end solution for managing customer’s entire landscape of IT applications, data, and their operations. We have excellent past performance in implementing automation of Cloud infrastructure containing thousands of VM’s using tools like Terraform and Ansible. Our team of cloud engineers  can assess the clients’ cloud journey and advise them on  Cloud Engineering best practices and tools that are needed for migration to cloud.

Cloud Management and Monitoring

Epic Systems  recognizes  that each client has its own infrastructure to either host  the entire 100 per cent of applications and data in public clouds or use a partial cloud migration strategy  on the way to become 100% cloud compliant infrastructure. We bring lots of experience and proven strategies to provide the customers with a  best approach in managing their  Amazon, Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or other cloud-based services. Due to security limitations some customer’s applications and data cannot be hosted in public cloud offerings  – for those customers we provide  solutions by  building private cloud platform where necessary. Our team of experts’ provision and monitor the cloud infrastructure using automation toolsets that can be leveraged for any type of cloud. We integrate our tools with ITSM tools like ServiceNow and leverage incident management and change management capabilities that are followed with customer’s ITSM methodologies. Our cloud management will yield the following benefits:

  1. Enablement of cloud governance by enforcing compliance, security, cost, operational policies, and rules across multiple clouds in a highly consistent and automated manner.
  2. Rule-based ops governance w/ automation & orchestration
  3. Cloud native service chaining & 3rd party tool integration
  4. Unified multi-account operations insights and dashboard
  5. Application lifecycle management
  6. 24×7 Unified Application Monitoring

Hybrid/multi-cloud Cloud Strategy

Software-defined architectures have transformed enterprises seeking to become application-centric, with many modern data centers now running a combination of cloud-native applications based on microservices architectures alongside traditional applications. With application owners seeking public cloud-like simplicity and flexibility in their own data centers, IT teams are under pressure to deliver services and resolve application issues quickly, while simultaneously reducing provisioning time for new applications and lowering costs for application services. Legacy load balancing solutions force network architects and administrators to purchase new hardware, manually configure virtual services, and in turn inefficiently overprovision these appliances. At the same time, new container technology choices are also enabling IT teams to rearchitect applications into microservices from monolithic or n-tier constructs. These transformations are forcing organizations to rethink load balancers, also known as application delivery controllers (ADCs), in their infrastructure. Customer IT operations demand agile, cost-effective solutions for any cloud because modern applications can be deployed anywhere.

Epic Systems  will provide innovative approach to modern application delivery — one that focuses on business outcomes, instead of manually defined inputs, to support digital transformation initiatives and position enterprise IT for the future in a multi-cloud environment

Epic Systems  provides engineering expertise that are needed to orchestrate, monitor, and manage hybrid and multi-cloud applications. Our Cloud engineers can assess and provide the best strategy for customers Hybrid or multi-cloud strategy. Our engineers  understand various public cloud offerings and provide the best-in-class architecture to suit the needs of our customer’s  mission critical applications to be hosted on multi-cloud. Most of the customers are inclined to take advantage of native services that are provided by various cloud providers to achieve  business agility and quickly deliver technology solutions. . Our architectural framework in a  uniform way manages and operates our  customer’s  applications and their data. We use our DevSecOps approach to make sure the provisioning and monitoring the cloud infrastructure is repetitive. Our customers appreciate that DevSecOps automatically integrates security at every phase of software development promising them secure software solutions at the speed of agile and DevOps.