Cybersecurity Management

Cybersecurity Management

Exposure of sensitive data can disrupt business and technical operations in harmful ways and lose trust in governmental agencies. Epic Systems brings experience in managing cyber risk and protecting critical applications and data of various agencies and providing combating tools against various cybersecurity threats that are rising. Information Technology creates vulnerabilities as we progress through development of systems, however, we ensure to bring security as a part of our software development process using our DevSecOps methodology. 

Cyber-attacks and security threats are evolving continuously with various innovative approaches to steal customers data and exploit vulnerabilities and disrupt the access to networks. To protect our customers data and systems, we provide an innovative approach to cybersecurity solutions and deploy agile and secure cyber solutions to protect federal data and our nation’s mission critical infrastructure. We deploy our cyber technology and leverage our technology partnerships to anticipate and eliminate the future risks. Our cyber experts enable our customers with higher confidence while maintaining the best and accurate security posture with high resilience. We help define policies and procedures on Information Security for Cloud and on-prem environments, security scans and security services such as threat detection, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and establish compliance procedures for NIST, FedRAMP, Privacy, ATO, FISMA, etc.

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